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Shooting on Air

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A shooting has happened in America, live on television.  A journalist in a mall, I believe, was interviewing someone, when a gunman, live on air, shot both the journalist and the cameraman, both dying.

I assume there is video of this.  I have not watched it.  Perhaps I will tomorrow.  Probably I will see a somewhat sanitised version on a news report on the TV tomorrow.  But I haven’t watched the footage tonight.  Not because I have some moral reason for not doing so, but more because I don’t want the negativity, I think.  There are enough bad parts of life; let me not add more to them.

I think it is that I can distance myself from the tragedy right now, but that my sense of empathy for the victims would be far more potent a feeling than my curiosity to watch it is now.  Plus, it’s close to bed.  No need for those types of dreams.  (Although having written about it now, no doubt some of it will be part of my dreams.)


Written by epistemysics

August 26, 2015 at 5:32 pm

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