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Brahms 3, Matilda

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Saw Brahms 3 with the ACO last night.  Magic Flute overture to begin with, which was masterful.  The rest was great as well.

Matilda tonight.  For certain, this time.  Fantastic.  Lyrics by Tim Minchin, so I suspected it would be somewhat good at the very least.   Someone behind me during the standing ovation, though, that kept woo-ing at fortississimo.  I was trying to turn my head because it was actually hurting my ears.  I was wishing the applause to finish so they would stop.  Good grief.

My watch battery stopped last night (my soul must have died or something), went out of the way to get it replaced this morning only to discover the stopwatch is resetting itself to two hours in approximately.  (The length of the ACO concert, I guess.)  Now I have to go back on the morrow to have it fixed by the colleague who wasn’t there today who knows how to do the alignment properly.  If I hadn’t had free candy at the afterparty for Matilda (here on the Dockside Pavillion in Cockle Bay, very swanky) – and the, ahem, liquid candy, as well as general food – I’d still be rather annoyed.

Yes there was actually a table full of candy.  Just like at the ballet that time, with the foldable paper chinese containers.  I got a brochure for the company this time; they must do these type of events regularly.  A niche that should be filled more often!  And it’s amazing how classy candy can look when you put it in a large glass jar.  Plath had the wrong idea for her jar, methinks.


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August 20, 2015 at 4:47 pm

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