Some theatre each day keeps the doctor away…


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Saw Jumpy tonight at the STC.  Much better than I had both anticipated (although I had very little idea of what it was, so whatever my anticipation was can’t have been too strong either way) and dreaded after the first couple of minutes.  Middle age issues abounded, though.

I came to the realisation that if I keep up this habit of watching plays targeted at the middle aged and dealing with their issues of child rearing and existential dilemmas and the like, then what is my middle age to be like?  Will I be, in effect, living the emotions a second time?  I could be setting myself up for more boredom than should happen naturally.  (Obviously this is a somewhat ridiculous idea but it took my fancy.)

Also, there is something very irritating about small talk between actors quite a lot of the time.  Or maybe I was just in an anti social mood because I was by myself.

Two men – one of them thanking the other very quietly – in the toilet cubicle next to mine in the interval.  Sex or drugs, I assumed.  Probably drugs.  Sex seems like such an odd reaction to the interval of a play.  Although I guess that wouldn’t have been the reason why.  No, probably drugs.  You don’t whisper “thank you” when you’re having sex in a toilet.  At least I imagine not.  Much as I would like to see a return to manners.


Written by epistemysics

March 28, 2015 at 12:20 pm

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