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STC Season Launch, 2015

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Went to the STC launch for the first time this year, in their props department.  Lots of different chairs.

Got to tour the archives afterwards, and I am determined to go and watch some old productions now that I know what it involves, and it is no longer the unknown.  The archivist had set out some scrapbooks they had in which they used to paste the newspaper clippings of the reviews, but was lamenting the fact that they were becoming foxed and yellowed.  But then she talked about how they print off reviews from the internet, and digitise things as well.  And part of me wondered – narcissist that I am – whether any of the reviews from this blog had made it into their archives…

Barbecue afterwards on the balcony of the pier, and had a lovely chat to three other media persons.  Also had two glasses of wine – one a glass of red because the white wine that had been poured out had all been taken before I got a chance, and I was feeling too socially awkward to ask the waiter to pour me one.  I coughed once from the alcohol, and didn’t enjoy the red at all, but forced it down.  (These two glasses of wine were at least a quarter of an hour after midday, so I maintained a certain dignity, I thought.)

Also got a USB stick – an official STC one – which I was ridiculously excited about.

No Stoppard plays, but one can’t have everything.  The thought of going to see Travesties at the archives is a tantalising one, though, but I doubt I’ll ruin my memory of it by doing so.  My first idea was to see Benedict Andrews’ War of the Roses, but I might try something a little shorter first, because I don’t want to find out, half an hour into the 8 hour epic, that I don’t like the format of the archival footage.  Best to find if it won’t agree with me with a 90 minute play, methinks.

Formatted my computer tonight.  Stressful as usual.  But streamlining.

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September 4, 2014 at 4:53 pm

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