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The Effect

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Saw The Effect tonight at the STC.  Bit too long, but good nonetheless.

Finished Minerva’s Den – DLC to Bioshock 2 – tonight, too.  Themes of all-powerful computers and whatnot.  (No space.)

I wonder if one could be satisfied with a perfect simulacrum as a wife – a robot/android woman, in other words.  And knowing that they were a robot.  I speak of the idea of growing old with it.  I speak of the emptiness that one can sometimes feel with a partner, because they grow old with you, and thus can remind you of your own mortality in a way that the generation above you (ie, parents) do not (because your parents are “old” to begin with).  The robot wouldn’t solve that problem, obviously – because for realism it’d grow old with you too, I guess.  But it doesn’t need to solve that problem, right?  I speak of whether you ever really truly actually know someone, and whether the robot would replicate that.  I speak of how we will all be alone in the final moment anyway.

Getting a bit morbid, now.  (The play tonight was about love and how to tell if love is real and such.  Well, that was one of the themes.  The game, too, had the protagonist try to input his dead wife’s personality into the all-powerful computer.  Hence these thoughts.)


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July 12, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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