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The Long Way Home

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Saw The Long Way Home at the Sydney Theatre with the STC tonight.  Good.  Nothing fantastic.  Collaboration with the Australian Defence Force, too, so there were quite a few people in military uniform in the audience.

Didn’t give a standing ovation at the end, because I never do – what with having not given one for Travesties and thus never forgiving myself – but the thought occurred that perhaps I was being slightly snobbish about it unintentionally, as I half expect a lot of the ovation came for the soldiers acting in the production, as opposed to just the production itself.  As if I was unappreciative of the sacrifices they have made, or something.  Not that I believe in war.  Not sure if I’ve figured out whether I support our soldiers or not, though.  Indeed, I’m far too morally lazy to try and come down one way or the other on the issue if I’m not being forced to.

Ah, liberty, eh?



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February 8, 2014 at 2:51 pm

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