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Opera in the Domain 2014

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Saw Opera in the Domain with Opera Australia tonight.  VIP tent again like two years ago.  This time the tent was nice and large (as it was last time I guess), and instead of the Indian theme, it had some greenery, plus a series of costumes dangling from the girders – costumes from all different operas.  The wine to food ratio, however, was very far skewed to the wine; I had not eaten anything before I went, and I was left quite hungry, because there weren’t many waiters with food, unfortunately.  Beforehand I had a couple of mini Yorkshire puddings with the sauce on top.  They were much the same as those of yore at the ACO season opening way back when, but they weren’t quite as nice.  Desserts in the interval were a mini chocolate tart with hazelnut which was delicious, a mini meringue with custard (I think) dolloped on top and a strawberry piece on top of that which was quite refreshing, and also what looked to be some sort of melting moment/lemon drop but I didn’t get to try them.  Didn’t drink that much (one and a half glasses of white and a glass of champagne, which, thinking on it now, must have been somewhat good because I didn’t think to myself “oh why, Adam, do you continue to try the champagne hoping you’ll find a good one?”) as I was driving.

The opera itself wasn’t an opera this year, but rather a “best of” – a selection of arias and overtures.  Enjoyable enough.  I would’ve liked an opera that I hadn’t seen before, obviously, but change is as good as a holiday, I guess.

Also, in very exciting news, I got two streetpasses for my 3DS.  I may have also walked around the domain to try and spread my 3DS around, but it didn’t work all that well I guess; the median age of the crowd does not crossover with the 3DS market all that well.


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February 1, 2014 at 2:31 pm

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