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Bach’s Christmas Oratorio

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Saw Bach’s Christmas Oratorio with the ACO.  Rather fantastic, except for some of the arias.

22/588 in The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman.  How’s that for a plot twist?

Already laughed a few times, too.


Written by epistemysics

December 16, 2013 at 2:58 pm

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  1. Cheer up old chap! Can’t be worse than having to dissect and ingest a frog! Nor as much as being ignored by two beautiful women on the same day. Indeed indeed…. I hate this thing. But yet I love it so.

    In any case, let me share with you my latest creation. It’s a complete rip of TS Eliot, in fact, it’s meant to be: I must admit this was written in under 5 minutes, and the french is my own.

    Nous devons gagner au moins une rire!

    Those wretched crows plastered against the skyline,
    I can hardly make out their cratered form ~ like brush strokes against blue papier-maché
    Can I truly listen with my heart? Or are its ears blotted with clots of blood?
    I am blind, I am blind, as though streaks of ether had entered my nostrils,
    And I shall be deaf too in time when the river runs up to my knees.
    Hardly can I breathe without sighing out loud,
    Nor can I bid hello to the people who pass by,
    For they know not the weightiness of hope, love and dreams,
    They saunter like pendulums distracted from their clocks, yet
    Still moving against the voice of reason and newtonian physics,
    And what is a hello to an empty person but a chance to say goodbye?
    And what is a man who is condemned to wear shirt sleeves?
    For the women still come and go, but they speak not of Michaelangelo,
    Nor Leonardo, nor Raphael, nor, even, Paulho,
    Yet they do strain in tender whispers – still.
    And amongst the those hushed ruffles you can, distinctly, hear
    That you were being made fun of, not because of your dress,
    Nor your mind, nor your silly tresses, but because your heart was on your tongue
    And your tongue was far too loose a proposition for their liking
    You should not have stretched to come to a conclusion
    For conclusions lead but to more complications,
    And complications to no resolution
    And for this there is no reason
    Only the ended light of day.

    Neil san

    December 16, 2013 at 5:24 pm

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