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Finished Diamonds are Forever.  Quite enjoyable.  Fleming certainly knows how to crisp a phrase up and emboss parts of his prose on the page, yes?

And now I have started Emma.  There was no other book to read but Emma in my mind; no shortlist.  But listening to the midnight quiz, and hearing mention of Treasure Island, methought I’d read that first.  But it was not to be found on one of the bookshelves, way on the bottom where all the children’s books of my parents childhoods are stored.  Dust was disturbed.  Lungs were probably destroyed.  Yet none were found.  Gulliver’s Travels was there, though.  Might read that soon.  Oliver Twist, too – so I didn’t have to buy my own copy to read this year.  (Oh well.  But I’m not adding it to my list of books bought twice by accident – I think I would’ve got the Penguin edition anyway for the notes.)

Slight chesty cough, and an excess of mucus, but the nose isn’t running, and I did my walk in 46 or 47 minutes, most likely (my phone locked once again, and then I, for the first time since I’ve had it, I believe, dropped it on the ground, and it went flying and tumbling across the footpath, leaving some scratches, not on the screen, but on the body).  I’m willing to call this cold near-cured.  I doubt there will be a relapse.  So now I can once more enjoy life, especially since the urge to torture kittens to make myself feel better has subsided.  (That is a joke.)  (Puppies are much more satisfying, obviously.)

7/453 in Emma.  (That is, I’ve read the first paragraph.)  Seeing how long it is, and how long it will take me to read it, I doubt I ever read it properly in school.  I suspect, as I have suspected before, that I speed-read it, without being able to speed read properly.


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December 10, 2013 at 2:09 pm

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