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A Moment of Delight, then Horror, then Mystification, then Triumph

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Having seen at the shops today – Big W, to be precise – a complete set of James Bond novels for $50, I took it upon my fair self to make a list of all those novels which I owned, to see if it would be worth buying the complete set to get all the rest.  Unfortunately, and as I was all too well aware, one or two of the novels were in a container which is possibly the most difficult spot in all the household to access.  But access it I did, and discovered, much to my delight, that I needed 8 or 9 novels to complete my set.  That is, the $50 is a bargain.

What I also found, however, was Catching Fire.  “That’s strange,” I thought.  “I haven’t been in this box for at least half a year, and yet I read this novel but a couple of weeks ago.  I wonder how it got in here.”

Seconds passed.

“Oh, fucking hell!”

Yes, dear reader, this is the second book that I have bought twice by accident.  It is now, I am ashamed to say, a problem, clearly.  Cataloguing must be done.  Accounts must be made.  Reckonings must be pronounced.  Sins must be answered for.  Waste must be discarded, as it were.

To add to my annoyance, Nicholas Nickleby – the next novel of Dickens’ I am to read, and which has been stopping me reading him because I want to do it in chronological order, and which I thought was in the container – was not actually there.

Thankfully, I found it.  Nicholas Nickleby, that is.  ‘Twas in one of the containers on the back verandah, only one book from the top, gloating at me like a spoiled child who takes Hide and Seek far too seriously.

Pulled out Tristram Shandy and Moby Dick while I was at it.  Thinking on these two novels just now, and the general tone of each, I think that each of their names would better suit the other – Moby Dick sounds comic, Tristram Shandy slightly tragic, methinks.  (The previous sentence would be my brilliant insight for the day.  Mmhmm.)

297/438 in Mockingjay.


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November 30, 2013 at 2:40 pm

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