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The Sincere Condition

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Yesterday I said “the human condition” and not in an ironic way.  I feel like my Year 10 student self would be turning in its memory grave.  (Or was it Year 9 that we did The Human Condition in English?  I can’t remember.)  I recall that I thought it a somewhat ridiculous subject; that it was about the most generic topic you could possibly choose.  Not that that stopped me from studying it and writing essays and so forth.)

Tomorrow the power shall be switched off.  (I am so very poor, you see, but I think I’m close to working out how to power my laptop with candles…)  I assume this is the power shutoff that was meant to happen a month or so ago, but was cancelled.  (Cancelled, methinks, because it was a very hot day – they probably don’t like to let any fragile people in the area try to cope without airconditioning and so on.  That’d be my guess, anyway.  Or maybe it’s dangerous to work on power lines at high temperatures.)

So I will be without computer for a bit.

But let me not dwell.  I’ll face hell when I have to, but not a second before.


Written by epistemysics

November 26, 2013 at 1:58 pm

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