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Love’s Labour’s Lost/Anna Karenina

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I meant to say yesterday that, in the morning, I managed to near-upturn my bowl of Weetbix, and spilt much more than I would have liked (ie, none) over the side of my laptop.  A tiny bit got in one of the USB ports, but that was cleaned successfully (or so I think – I haven’t actually tested it yet).  But it also required a change of bedclothes, and an early washing of a pair of jeans.  But the horror, dear reader, the horror of spillage on the laptop…

Finished watching Love’s Labour’s Lost, and a lot of it went right over my head, I think.  But there were laughs to be had.  I imagine that if I put the work in to really understand, I’d get a lot more out of it.  What I did appreciate the most this time around was the subversive/suspended ending.  It is a melancholy-turning-towards-brightness mood that I admire.  Yes, I think, including even the wordplay and all, it is the ending that most defines what my memory of the play will be.

Watched Anna Karenina – the Stoppard/Wright version – finally.  I wonder if I’ll ever see a better adaptation…  Probably not.  (It is the only adaptation I’ve seen.)  I thought it very good.  I did let out a huge fart by accident right when Anna had her little encounter with the public transport system, but the smirk on my face was mere momentary.

Do we hold beauty to higher standards of virtue, I wonder?  Yes, probably.

NIDA, NIDA, NIDA…  Anxious with curiosity, methinks.  That’s how I would describe it.  It says in the documentation that they might ask at the interview why you want to be a writer.  Levin had his scything colleague say, “was it reason that made you choose the life you have?” (or something to that effect – I only heard it three minutes ago and I can’t remember the line properly).  One concurs.

I feel like I admire Anna Karenina the novel more now after seeing a movie of it.  Not because it gave me any more insight, but…  I don’t know.

To sleep.  I hope.


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November 24, 2013 at 2:34 pm

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