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The Comedy of Errors

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Saw The Comedy of Errors with Bell Shakespeare tonight.  ‘Twas okay.  I much preferred the recent NTLive version.

I remember seeing The Comedy of Errors with Bell Shakespeare in school, way back when, and liking it so much (or at least being quite enthusiastic about it), that I went to see it again with my parents.  (I think I extolled the virtues of it to them, and tagged along when they saw it.)  That was a far more traditional production than tonight’s one, though.  (I make note of this memory, because theatre was an extremely rare thing for me back then, apart from musicals.  I may not even have seen that many musicals, either.)

Opening night tonight – for Sydney, anyway.  Beforehand, I got to listen – as I was trying to read – to the arts minister talking about meeting Yoko Ono this morning, and trying to get a photo with her.  I don’t think he got an official one, but managed to snap one with a phone or something.  (The conversation – weird and interesting as it may sound – was not something I was actively eavesdropping on (not that I would have had any qualms, necessarily, about doing it), as I was far more interested in my book.  So it drifted in and out of the ol’ consciousness.)

Champagne and a beer.  (I thought the champagne was white wine, and was disappointed when it was not.  Or rather, I suspected it might have been champagne, but couldn’t see any other glasses with the same coloured liquid in them, so took the chance.  The glasses are taller and skinnier than white wine glasses, I know, but they weren’t excessively so; they could’ve been skinny white wine glasses much more than they could’ve been squat champagne flutes.)  A mini meat pie.  An arrancini.  A mini-pastry vol-au-vent type thing.  Deconstructed pork bun.  Speeches.  You know the drill.

721/whatever.  See?  Acceleration.

The Brothers Karamazov: I feel I should say that, in case I haven’t mentioned it before.  Definitely an influence on The Luminaries.  Indeed, googling it, even the author admits it.  Nice to know I’m right!  (Then again, it’s often the influences that the author doesn’t realise that are the most interesting…  Don’t ask me for an example, though, as I’m too tired to think of one.)


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November 14, 2013 at 2:51 pm

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