Some theatre each day keeps the doctor away…


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Saw Beethoven with the Australian String Quartet tonight.  Rather lovely.

Went for a walk tonight, too, which I haven’t done in what must be four days now, methinks – a dangerous lapse.  I think it safe to say that I have what may be termed a ‘two pack’ (not like the rapper), although considering I make vampires look pale it isn’t that easy to see.   (When was the last time my torso saw the sun, I wonder?  I remember it was after the first world war, at least…)  It’s like the top two abs, basically.  And a crease down the entire middle, when one extends a bit, too. Progress, anyway.  One must feed the vanity; it is an insatiable beast.  Is there a Greek god of vanity?  Would they be the same god as the one for mirrors, assuming there is one for mirrors?  (Actually, would the Greeks have had mirrors good enough to have a god for them?)  There was Narcissus with his pond.  Was the pond something as well?  I can’t remember – my Ovid’s a bit rusty.  (I watched Percy Jackson and the Sea Monsters tonight, hence my thoughts upon the gods.)  (Not that I need to watch a mythological movie to have thoughts on the gods.)

475/whatever.  More than halfway, what.  I will probably accelerate now.  I always tend to when I hit the halfway point.  The end being in sight and all.  (Which is not actually a good explanation, as the end is in sight from the very beginning – it’s a book, I can see the back cover.  (The wife who was talking to me at Vere (Faith) commented on how nice the cover was.  It is a very nice cover indeed.))

I have the urge, all of a sudden, to read the latest Murakami novel.  When will it be translated?

Right.  Rambling.  Stopping now.


Written by epistemysics

November 12, 2013 at 3:32 pm

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