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Classic Quartets

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Saw Classic Quartets with the ACO this afternoon/evening.  (It started at 6pm, but what with it being daylight savings and all…)  ‘Twas at Pier 2/3, which I’d never been to before, though I’d walked past it many times on my way to Pier 4/5, where the Wharf Theatres are.  The toileting situation was less than ideal, it must be said, involving some sort of demountable inside the building, the building being comprised of large planks of weathered woodwork.  The doors in the demountable – the doors to the cubicles, that is – didn’t have locks on them either, so I ended up, me be neurotic about such things, with my satchel on the ground visible under the door to anyone who would be walking in (I took the risk of it being stolen), one hand on the business, and the other hand reaching behind me up against the door.  (Yes, dear reader, I am certainly neurotic about these things, right?)  There was also a dirty shower recess at the end of the row of cubicles, which was somewhat disconcerting.

Sitting much further down the pier, in the square formation of the audience (the quartet played in the middle), I’m fairly certain a middle aged man took a photo of me.  Reading my book, I heard the ‘snap’ of a cameraphone, and so I looked up (as I would do at almost any distraction, made as I am), and the man, a few rows in front of me, was smiling and turning around to face away.  I would have been the only thing in the viewfinder of interest, apart from walls and windows that showed grey skies.  The other possibility is that he was taking a picture of the length of the building, from where I had come before I sat down, and thus had only been half-facing me when I looked up.  Or perhaps it was something on the ceiling.  I’ll never know, alas!  Probably for the best.  If I were to find out what actually happened, then either my ego will be bruised or I’d be creeped out or I’d be insulted.  Let ignorance flatter.

On my side of the square they had complimentary sunglasses, which I didn’t make use of (there was really no need, it being an overcast day, and very little sun coming through the windows), but I thought it quite amusing.  Who’d have thunk you’d get sunglasses at a classical music concert?  We didn’t even get any at the I Musici concert way back when – the one on the promontory of the Sydney Opera House at the Botanic Gardens there.  (First time I’ve written the word ‘promontory’, methinks.  I enjoyed the experience, and would recommend it to other vocabulary users.)

Across from me, on the other side of the square, was a woman who looked remarkably like Anjelica Huston.  Just thought you should know, dear reader.

Rather good, the concert, anyway.  Going there again tomorrow for number two.  (The second concert, that is, as opposed to using the demountable for a more serious evacuation…)

Did some calculations today in regards to this daily walking of mine, curiosity having got the better of me, and discovered that I walk give or take 6.8 kilometres on my route.  I would not have thought it that much, and am pleasantly surprised by its length.  (Said the actress to the bishop…)  (What is with me and dirty jokes tonight?)  (Said the plumber to the midnight emergency caller…)  (Does that even make sense?) So that’s 47.6km a week assuming I don’t slack off.  (I never miss a day unless it’s raining – and even then I often go out with an umbrella if it’s not too bad – or I have a concert/play/etc.  Obviously I have a lot of concerts, so I’ve taken to walking once I get back home, something I never used to do, but some days I just don’t feel like it.)  I’m down to 47 or 48 minutes to complete said walk, with its four steep hills (and plenty of slow climbs).  Indeed, I seem to go up more than I go down, which is impossible, surely, considering I end up back at my house again.  More time going up, perhaps, but not more vertical height.  Used to take me 55 or 56, the walk, but I’ve been pushing myself of late, with happy results.  The point being, I walk fast.



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November 2, 2013 at 2:15 pm

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