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The Rain, The Rain!

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Prior to moving the aforementioned/undermentioned/yestermentioned books into a/u/y shed (how very Foster Wallace of me), I had put them into large plastic containers.  This is not a new thing – I have been storing them in containers for the past couple of years, a lot of them, in my bedroom.  What was new in the past month or so was that the books were on the back verandah.  Now, this verandah has a tendency to leak when the rains come in; we’ve spent huge amounts of money trying to stop it from happening, trying to get it to drain properly, but it’s never completely worked.  Usually, if it’s going to leak, it’s just a little bit near the end, where some of the laundry gets hung.  Tonight, with the hour-long monsoon we had, the entire verandah got soaked.  Water was filling the lids of my containers to the brim, with their recessed patterns on the top of them.  I was a tad worried.  Literature galore was in said containers, along with programs, and other stuff from my bedroom.  (We recently got new airconditioners, and the bedroom needed to be made accessible to tradesman, as opposed to nimble old me.)  I’ve just spent the last twenty minutes dealing with it all, and am happy to report that the books are fine.  So now I am far more comfortable leaving them in the shed – where they won’t be dripped on, but still with a slight possibility of getting wet (the shed is far from waterproof, especially at ground level) – knowing that they can withstand monsoons.

Gazing on them, I imagine that I felt like a dragon guarding his hoard might.

123/whatever.  I wish to say that it strikes me as a cross between Ulysses and The Brothers Karamazov, but I don’t think that’s an apt thing to say.  I thought of it, but don’t quite agree with it, so that gives you some idea, dear reader, about what I think anyway.  I feel, too, that I will finish this; it strikes me as something which won’t take much ‘work’, so I will not lose inertia.  After all, I read it today, and I wasn’t even on a train!


Written by epistemysics

October 27, 2013 at 1:52 pm

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