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Whoops! The Wharf Revue

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Saw Whoops! tonight – ie, the Wharf Revue – at the STC.  Rather amusing, what.  (I feel like I haven’t used “what” in quite some time.)

22/832 in The Luminaries.  Note that in yesterday’s post, I mentioned The Luminaries first when musing on what book to read next.  One wonders if that is why I’m reading it now.  Whether it’s the right time for me to read it, though – if I’m not in the right mindset for a long book, I will stop reading it due to lack of inertia – will remain to be seen.  Enjoying it so far, though, though it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.  I wonder, dear reader, if someone were to take this blog as a whole, whether my choices upon which I deliberate (such as my next book) aren’t as free-willed as I might hope them to be.  Or rather, is there a distinct and clear pattern to such choices that I, being a tad too close to myself for objectivity, cannot see?  That in itself is something devastating to my ego just waiting to be found; to be notified of one’s patterns is to be tied with one’s own chains.


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October 24, 2013 at 2:56 pm

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