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The Broadness of Characters

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Now I wonder, sometimes, whether characters on TV – in long-running shows – aren’t more complex than the characters in Shakespeare.  And I cannot decide.  Sometimes I wonder whether the characters on TV – the large ones, who have gone through so much drama throughout their years on the screen – do not resonate with us as much as characters in Shakespeare precisely because they are too large.  It is as if Shakespeare, perhaps, managed to build the most complex cliches that we have, if that makes any sense.  Perhaps TV characters are more lifelike – when life is taken as an extended and broad thing – but…  I’m sorry – I’ve forgotten where that sentence was going.  Bugger.   I feel like it was mildly insightful, too.

An example: if Juliet became a mother (and obviously did not kill herself) she wouldn’t be anywhere near as potent a character.  More ingrained into the world, maybe, but not more potent.


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October 20, 2013 at 3:58 pm

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