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Saw Hamlet tonight at Belvoir.  Hmm.  Not the definitive version of Hamlet that I have seemingly been looking for my whole life, but interesting.  Quite interesting.  I feel that maybe Toby Schmitz is the best Hamlet I’ve seen, but Simon Stone’s Hamlet isn’t the best play-Hamlet I’ve seen.  I dunno.  I will have to ponder, ponder, ponder.  I had a sense, though, that I was comparing apples with oranges with grapefruits, so it’s hard to rank it all.  Perhaps the only way of achieving a perfect Hamlet is to see the best qualities of the best productions, and hazily remember bits and pieces of them on a lazy afternoon, and daydream your way into the perfect play.  Does the perfect version of Hamlet, for instance, defy logic, I wonder?  Does it defy logic just like a dream does?  And yet a dream is a fully realised thing when one is in it.  It satisfies itself.  If one can daydream up a Hamlet, it will be self-sufficient, and even though it might be inconsistent to the rational eye, one can accept – indeed, not even notice – when it is our blissfully ignorant creation…


Written by epistemysics

October 18, 2013 at 3:48 pm

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