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The Dilemma Continues

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And now it occurs that I have to once again face the same dilemma, vis a vis Ludmila’s Broken English, as I had to face at the bookshop last fortnight.  Because I’m betting – though I haven’t bothered to look for it yet – that the other version I bought back in 2009 was paperback.  So now not only did I have to decide whether I wanted to buy the hardcover or the paperback, now I have to decide which one I will want to read.  Sigh.

Watching Dexter season 3 at the moment, and it has me thinking about what I would do if I was in love with a psychopath and didn’t know it.  Or in a relationship with, and in love with, rather – let this not be a non-consummated thing.  If my spouse was merely faking reciprocating my love, would I care?  Obviously one wants their lover to be in love with them – anything else seems dirty and tainted – but if someone were to come to me, some Fateful player of destiny, and tell me that I had the choice to either fall in love or not, but if I chose to fall in love, there would be a chance – not a definite, but a chance – that the loved person would be a psychopath, then I think I’d take the risk.  Because I would never know anyway, right?  It’s the Turing Test, it is.  Indeed, what if the lover were a robot and I never knew?  (Insert obligatory ‘ignorance is bliss’ comment here.)

I was watching an episode of Quite Interesting, and they were talking about how we read emotions into actor’s faces that aren’t there – that we fill in the emotions we expect them to have for them.  That seems like it has something to do with the above, perhaps.


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October 15, 2013 at 5:01 pm

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