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Be there difference between the cutting and the bleeding edge?  I speak of one volume of Pynchon’s, whose name is Bleeding Edge, and though yet I have known many a cutting edge in my time, I feel I know too many a bleeding edge, but cannot decide if my memories are true to my past realities or not.  Why speakest I like this, of thoughts and whims and fancies gilt?  Where comes the modifying nerves that switch ideas like pond reflections triggered awry?  (I got the bleeding edge in the bloody mail today.)

To add salt to the bleeding edge, Book Depository sent me not one, not two, not twelve hundred and sixty, but three bookmarks, all of which are of the #lovethisquote, which comes with a hole in it to place over text and take a snapshot of your favourite passage to submit online to win a free book if your passage is picked for the week.  I hate these bookmarks.  Perhaps if I bothered to enter, and consequently won, the competition, I would be glad for them, but the other previous bookmarks – collectible and many as they were – were much more satisfying, useful, durable, and, let’s face it, pretty.  I like a pretty bookmark.


Almost watched two movies tonight.  I have an hour left on The Lone Ranger, and for the life of me now I’m having trouble remembering what the first film was.  Ah, yes, White House Down.  Not too bad, but nothing spectacular.  There was a bit at the start where the president is telling his wife that he has the pocket watch of Abraham Lincoln’s that she got for him as a gift (or something like that), and that he keeps it next to his heart, to remind him of her (or something like that).  Anyway, the gist was: got a metal watch, keeps it near his heart.  Straightaway I knew he would be shot, found likely dead, then miraculously survive by the watch blocking the bullet.  I was right.  Huzzah for awareness of such things!  One wonders if you can have a satisfying experience watching a bad film if you were able to guess what would happened at any given moment correctly.  I think you could.


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October 11, 2013 at 4:04 pm

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