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Small and Tired

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Saw Small and Tired at Belvoir tonight.  Rather good.  Playwright was in the audience, too, which piqued the ol’ interest.  Perhaps this says something very bad about my mental health and my social boundaries, but I have this huge curiosity about what kind of reactions various creatives have to their own work once it’s being played in front of an audience.  I think our eyes met once or twice, though (we were seated virtually opposite each other), so I lost the confidence to glance in his general direction too often.  Plus, you know, there were actors that needed to be watched as well.  Obviously.

Met a friend in the foyer, who was seeing Miss Julie, and we split up after a brief conversation; him to go Upstairs, I to go Downstairs.  I thought that quite quaint, for some reason.  A sort of “you to your work, me to mine” situation that has never happened to me before in a theatrical setting.  Well, there’s only two places in Sydney, I think, that it could happen – Belvoir and the STC Wharf.  Actually, that’s not true – I’m sure there’s plenty of multi-theatre places around town.  The Seymour Centre for one.  The Riverside Theatres.  Right.  Clearly this is a bad argument to be making.  But it’s never happened to me before, is what I’m saying.

257/whatever.  Slow and steady makes for slow progress, it would seem.


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October 4, 2013 at 5:04 pm

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