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Angela Hewitt

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Saw Angela Hewitt with Musica Viva tonight.  Rather good.

You know, I’ve determined something that annoys me with this current book I’m reading.  David Mitchell has this habit of interspersing continuing dialogue with a continuing scene, as such (this is my own example):

“…and if you’ll look at the second diagram you’ll see…”
Chalk cascades from the end of the misused stub, tumbling down the blackboard like a dandruff avalanche.
“…that the heart has two main chambers.  These are used alternatively…”
She sees John resting his head on his hand, elbow on the desk, his eyes searching cautiously back towards her.
“…for pumping the blood in and pushing it out, which…”
The tip of his pen glints in the sunlight coming through the south-facing window.

Et cetera, et cetera.  I apologise, too, for any anatomical mistakes I may have made.  But you get the idea.  Writing that out then, I can make perfect sense of it, but when I read it at my usual pace, it often trips me up, or it often feels like I’m losing details because I keep having to switch perspective.  I think I concentrate on the dialogue too much, when half the time it’s somewhat irrelevant.  Anyway, not really anything I’d properly complain about.

Also noticed that two of the characters are called Kiritsubo and Asagao (possibly sic).  Considering the novel is set in Japan, one wonders if that’s a not so slight reference to the Tale of Genji?  From the little of it that I read, I remember those names.  (Woohoo!  Go me and my intertextual radar!)



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September 30, 2013 at 5:34 pm

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