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A Murder is Announced

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Saw A Murder is Announced tonight at the Sydney Theatre.  Quite enjoyable.  Watching The Mousetrap last year, I had a fair idea who the killer was to begin with, so my enjoyment was ruined somewhat.  It was nice to be able to properly theorise and guess about it this time, not knowing anything about the plot as I did before.  Spoilers are such delicate little things.

On my walk tonight – and I have a feeling I’ve thought of this before, a year or two ago, but I’ll say it again anyway – I was wondering, thinking on Romeo and Juliet, and Shakespeare, if he were alive today, seeing the production I saw of it, whether Shakespeare would incur the curse of Macbeth if he were to say the name in a theatre.  My guess would be no.  That, and I don’t think there’s a curse.  Ill effects from the power of suggestion, perhaps, though.


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September 28, 2013 at 4:59 pm

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