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Romeo and Juliet

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Saw Romeo and Juliet with the STC tonight.  Rather good.  I thought Eamon Farren as Mercutio the best.  He’s one of the actors I keep an eye on; or rather than consciously keeping an eye on him, am instead pleased when I see his name crop up in an upcoming play.  I don’t really know what makes a ‘great’ performance, acting-wise, but his struck me tonight.  Maybe it wasn’t great, but I took notice of it, whatever that means.

Beforehand, I noticed that there was a section of the audience in front of me who were queuing at the end of the row to get into their seats.  Or rather, they were milling about on the staircase seemingly waiting for something.  I knew not what.  Perhaps they were waiting to let someone less mobile in.  Perhaps they were chatting.  Perhaps they were keeping their legs all nice and stretched.  But it was more than the usual amount; a good ten to twenty.

Anyway, a couple of minutes later I look up, and two ushers have come along (or two workmen or something of that sort – stagehands, perhaps), and they walk along the row, bend down, and pick up a long metal ladder.  What!  How does one leave a metal ladder in a row?  Some of the people in the front row, too, were standing up (so this must have been in the second row, now that I think of it; now that I logically lock in on the specifics of my memory) so as not to be hit by said ladder when it was being dubiously raised over their heads.  It got lifted on to stage and pushed off into the wings where the lighting rigs were.  Tres weird, tres weird.  (If you’re going to do French Adam, at least bother to put an accent in…)

Anyway anyway.  That Shakespeare fellow’s got a way with words, hasn’t he?  Listening to him on stage is like reading Ulysses – you know there’s more to be grasped on a second time.

And wasn’t that a brilliant insight?  I can retire now…



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September 26, 2013 at 4:19 pm

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