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Adjacent Intrigue

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It occurs to me that if I was sitting in a theatre before a show, and the person next to me was reading a manga, and then during the interval they had switched to reading, say, Finnegans Wake, I would find them about as intriguing a person as I could possibly find someone.  Which is not to say that I think manga is the lowest form of literature (which you may think I have implied by quoting the most esoteric/obtuse example of literature we have, give or take what I haven’t read yet), but it ain’t Wakey Wakey Finnegan now, is it?  Someone should adapt Finnegans Wake into a manga – ha!  They had a manga/comic version of Hamlet at the Gleebooks at the Sydney Theatre during the run of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead for sale.

I think I find the combination attractive because it suggests, I hope, a high intelligence combined with a broad and unpretentious taste.  To say that I hadn’t thought that it might have been a good idea for me to carry much the same set of books around with me in the theatre would be a lie.  Besides the fact that I have a stated aversion to people interrupting my reading.  But one would make an exception for someone I’d want to have sculpt babies with, hypocrite that I am.  I can’t see myself going to the effort of doing it unless I was sure to be sitting next to such a person beforehand, which I can never be sure of.  Although I do carry two books on occasion – did it last week, actually – when I’m nearing the end of one, lest I have to spend part of a train ride tomeless.

And no doubt this is why I will die alone, with nary a hand to etch my tombstone.  Sob for me, dear reader, sob for me.



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September 24, 2013 at 5:05 pm

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