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Ingrid Fliter in Recital

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Saw Ingrid Fliter in Recital tonight with the Sydney Symphony.  (Just the pianist, though.)  Rather good.  Noticed, after the program had finished and the audience were applauding, a critic for one of the major newspapers darting out of the hall, with the chance of an encore still in the air.  And indeed there was an encore.  I was rather surprised that the critic left – I had always assumed that we were meant to stay until everything was said and done?  An argument could be made for encores not being mandatory, but I wouldn’t not wait around for them, even if I must admit that there have been many times I’ve been inwardly groaning at an, in my opinion, overly enthusiastic audience who, if they hadn’t been so enthusiastic, wouldn’t have got that encore that I was dreading…  (“No, no!  Stop clapping!  I’ve got a train to catch.  Stop it.  Stop it!  STOP IT!”)

108/whatever in ze tome.  It has a list of principal characters, I noticed, which was a godsend, as, not having read it for a day or two, and only being a few chapters – a few very introductory/setting-up chapters – in, I’d forgotten what half the characters were.  (He introduces them thick and fast, and you have to work a bit but trust him also.)  If only Austen’s books had that.  Clarissa did, from memory, but that might very well have been an editorial addition, rather than Richardson’s own work.


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September 23, 2013 at 4:50 pm

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