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Grand Theft Auto V

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Playing far too much of Grand Theft Auto V today, and staying up to all hours (I say ‘all hours’, even though it’s only 2.45am that I’m writing this, and that’s a time I’ve been staying up to for the past week or so) so that I could win this damn streetrace that I was continuously failing at…

Managed to get $20 off the game (bought from JB Hi-Fi) because we ordered some Blu-Rays for father for Father’s Day in the middle of August (Boardwalk Empire seasons 2 and 3, plus Game of Thrones season 2 for me), and we only got them last Saturday.  Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, basically.  And they sent them out to us twice, and we only ever got Boardwalk Empire season 3 the second time (which – everything going wrong – we couldn’t give to father on the Thursday before last Saturday, because his first question/statement would be, “but I haven’t seen season 2!”, hence ruining the surprise).  The guy we were in contact with in the store said that next time we came in (we’d ordered the Blu-Rays online, though) he’d give us a good deal, so we bargained for a copy of GTA V, although I had to pick it up on launch day Tuesday.

Not only that, but we had five $20 gift cards we wanted to use on the online store to buy said Blu-Rays, and that was almost a week’s worth of negotiations, as you can only use two gift cards at a time online, and if we went into a store to use all five then we couldn’t get the online offer…  Eventually someone via email consolidated all the gift cards into one…

Usually we have such good – indeed, great – experiences with JB Hi-Fi, and the customer service – apart from the not getting what we wanted promptly – was great too.  Everyone was very helpful.  But still.  Yikes!  But who am I to complain?  I got $20 off my game!


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September 21, 2013 at 4:57 pm

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