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Murder Most Horrifying

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The true terror of killing someone comes in the silence afterwards.  If there is no animation left in a corpse, then it is no longer a rational thing, and so opens to other influences.  The most basic fear might be of something supernatural – and perhaps that’s all it will ever be, deep down – but there may be other fears too.  And even though, obviously – well, most likely – nothing supernatural will happen, there is the never-ending tension of the simple fact that it isn’t happening, with the implication that it could in the future.  I could imagine myself, in the sheer terror of murder, continually shooting bullets into a corpse as I made my way to the door of the room, just to stop myself from reflecting upon the inanimation of it all.

I’ve just started watching, today and yesterday, an anime called “Attack on Titan”, which involves mankind being reduced to living in an area with three circular walls, surrounded on all sides by “titans”, which are completely overwhelming humanoid opponents – very big – that eat humans.  At the start of the series the outer wall, after a hundred years of peace, is breached, and many die.  And it’s yet to get particularly happier since that moment, even though I keep expecting it to.  Rather relenting, to be honest.  Hence the above thoughts.

Kill enough people and you wouldn’t be bothered with the silence, however, I’m guessing.

And then, of course, there’s the guilt, and the million other psychological bits.

I think the anime is quite getting to me – though to say ‘getting to me’ exaggerates its effect, but only in its magnitude, not its quality – because the titans eating humans – or the human-looking things eating humans – is an act that we can very easily relate to.  (The eating itself, not necessarily of other humans.)  And there’s something very primal about that, that gets under your epidermal layer.

To scream after murdering, too, might be a reaction.  I should make a character do that one day.  Probably best to have a man do it.  And not just say, “oh god, oh god, oh god!” over and over, but actually scream.  Loud.  After a suitable pause.  Twenty or thirty seconds’ worth. Make ’em jump in their seats.


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September 10, 2013 at 5:13 pm

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