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So Mansfield Park is finished.  I think I’ve enjoyed it the least of all the Austen book so far.  Well, I know I have.  I’d probably, in a decade or so, be more likely to reread it than I would Northanger Abbey – it is a more complex and deeper work, I think – but still…  It says on the back that it is Austen’s most “profound” work, which is always a word that tends to worry me, as it quite often means “not so entertaining but with pretensions to depth”.  Mansfield Park certainly has depth, but I think my main problem with it – and this is a problem that could very well be alleviated on a second reading, when I’m not plot-anxious – is that Fanny, the protagonist, is about as passive as a hero can be.  Sure, she is virtuous in the face of all odds, but it felt to me like she does absolutely nothing to change her world, apart from waiting it to change around her.  It is like waiting for the planets to align – sure, one is happy when they do, but it doesn’t held anywhere near as much meaning if you didn’t have anything to do with aligning them yourself…

Something like that, anyway.

12/236 in Persuasion.


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September 6, 2013 at 4:32 pm

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