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Fearless Baroque

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Saw Fearless Baroque with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra tonight . Rather good.

Father was watching the Kerry O’Brien interview with Clive James tonight, and I happened to hear a few bits of it.  What struck me most, on reflection now, is how dismayed I would be – as a relatively youthful person – at being interviewed and having some such dreaded phrase as “shall we take a look back over your life?” being uttered to me.  (I don’t know if O’Brien said something like that or not, though.)  Perhaps I will feel differently when I am older, when I no doubt will have realised that I will not live as long as I might like, and so be more happy to share in past successes, even if the thought of them is evidence of how little there may be to come.

I think that, for an artist to be truly valued, they must be dead.  You can be full of admiration for a Stoppard, you can perhaps even revere him (I don’t think I go quite that far), but you cannot completely grasp him until he is gone.  It’s something to do with not being able to make out the entire shape of a life until no more changes from the artist in question can be made.  To put them in a box and its contents not get any bigger.  Gosh, doesn’t that sound depressing?

311/whatever in ze book.  Enjoying it more now, no doubt because I read a large chunk in one go.


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September 4, 2013 at 3:01 pm

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