Some theatre each day keeps the doctor away…


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I feel like the title of this post may give one hopes for something far more than it actually is.  Sorry.

There’s a difference between transcendence and entertainment in art.  I think transcendence can be very tiring, too.

I thought this while listening to the prelude to Parsifal again this evening, David Letterman on in the background.  (Now I’m listening to the first parts of Tristan und Isolde.)  It was something along the lines of, “I want to listen to Parsifal to be taken to a higher place, while I want to listen to, say, Verdi, to have a great night out.”

Now there’s a question: would I want to be with someone while seeing Parsifal?  With Verdi, I wouldn’t think it’d matter, but Parsifal seems like it could a much more personal pleasure.

And yes, I’ve still only seen the first act of Parsifal.  Must start and finish Gotterdammerung soon, too, as there’s a Ring Cycle symphonic summary of some sort with the SSO this month – don’t want any spoilers!



Written by epistemysics

September 2, 2013 at 3:40 pm

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