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Miss Julie

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Saw Miss Julie tonight at Belvoir.  Very powerful, but I reject the play itself.  Looking online later – and reading about the original Miss Julie (I knew nothing of it beforehand) – I found that most of my problems with the play were changes that adaptor Simon Stone had made.  Clearly Strindberg and I think alike, perhaps.  (More likely it is a sense of how a tragedy should best unfold, maybe?)  The production at Belvoir is certainly shocking, certainly powerful, but not, in my opinion, meaningful.  It thus creates a bit of a dilemma for me.  Hmm.  If, like last year, I had a season ticket to it as well, then, based on my attitude now, I wouldn’t go to see it again.

Went to get my ticket from the box office there, and the guy behind the desk said, “hello, Adam!”, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  (It’s nice to have people remember your name.  It makes you feel important and all that.)  I see him there almost every time I go, though I actually don’t get my tickets directly from him all that much.  At the symphony last night, there was a young man (I say that as if I’m apparently ‘old’) who gave me my ticket and said, “Adam, right?” (not being sure).  “I’m learning!” he said.  One wonders if, especially for the Sydney Symphony – because I get them from a special VIP desk, as opposed to just at the box office – the employees are encouraged to actively remember the names of everyone.  The guy at Belvoir couldn’t remember my last name, though, but as I told him, “remembering my first name is better than most people”.

I informed, upon being asked, Dr Karl that my row, and thus his row, was row H.  Not the first time I’ve seen him in the flesh, but the first time I’ve been particularly near him.  (I was wondering – after my brush with fame at the Musica Viva season launch – whether I will suddenly become disaffected with merely seeing people now, and have this urge to talk to them, lest it count for nothing.)

I made the mistake – the glorious mistake – of visiting Basement Books once more, and ended up with – wait for it (and wait a bit more) (have a bit of patience, would you?) (why the need to rush?) – some books.  (So much for not buying anymore books until I finished reading all the ones I have.  What have I got lately?  Four Dickens, five Austens, among others…)  I got:

The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming
You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming
Kenneth Tynan: Letters by…Kenneth Tynan, I’m guessing

The James Bond novels are out of sequence with the ones I currently have, but they were cheap, so I may as well buy them now.  The Tynan letters I half got because I’m interested in Tynan, and half because I’m very interested in Stoppard.  I think I may have read the only two letters directly addressed to Stoppard in the book while I was at the store, but there were quite a few other references that I didn’t read.  Plus, Stoppard’s a fan of Tynan, so…  Well, I don’t quite know.  But I’ve bought it now, so who cares!

163/whatever in ze book.


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August 30, 2013 at 3:34 pm

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