Some theatre each day keeps the doctor away…


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Listened to Darkside again today.  Didn’t laugh as much, but I still felt as much.  (Besides, without an audience to laugh with you, it’s harder to make the noise when you’re by yourself.  Harder in general anyway, but certainly harder in the aforementioned situation.  What would really interest me would be a camera trained on my face while I’m watching a play, to see how much I laugh compared to the rest of the audience, on a first, second, and third viewing of something.)

The next time I listen to it – if there is a next time relatively soon – I’ll do so without watching the visual accompaniment.

And I’ve pulled his collection of radio plays off the shelf.  (I mean the CD shelf.)  (Well, on top of a pile of clothes in my bedroom.)

i’m going to say 129/whatever in Mansfield Park, in the hope that it guilts me into reading the six pages that’d make that statement true before I go to sleep.


Written by epistemysics

August 28, 2013 at 2:27 pm

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