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Albert Herring (Again)

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A friend was kind enough to invite me to see Albert Herring tonight, and so I went along and saw it for a second time.  Nicely enough for me, it was the proper singers this time around, and not the understudies like there were on opening night for the roles of Albert Herring and Lady Bristow.  ‘Twas interesting to see the differences.  ‘Twas also interesting to be taken completely by surprise at there being no second interval.  Two intervals on opening night, one tonight.  The conductor left his post between the second and third acts, while the curtain was down and the stage was being changed, then the orchestra retuned and the conductor came back.  I wonder why they cut the interval?  I must ask someone…

It occurs to me that – given enough opening nights of plays and operas, performances of concerts, and so on – a situation much like that described in Northanger Abbey, the going to of balls and whatnot, could be simulated.  That is, the social side of it.  I read one of the characters say “will you be at the ball tomorrow evening?”, and remember that I have often heard such a phrase applied to a theatrical setting: “I’ll see you at the opening on Saturday, then?”.  Not that I am suggesting this insight is a particularly original, or even necessarily valid, one, but it is interesting to think that, even though things change, they still stay the same, in a way.

155/235 in Northanger Abbey.  It will be finished tomorrow.  I would bet a middling amount of money on it.


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August 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm

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