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Semicolons Against the Grain

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Meant to test out my headphones (not that they’re new or anything) with the Wagner tonight, and ended up watching the whole first act of Siegfried.  I think it may be the most consistently interesting music of the lot so far, although it never had any particularly spine tingling moments like Die Walkure did.  And I love the motif he had with the strings, the ‘da didi da da da da didi da da da (etc)’.  Plus a whole lot of others that I won’t even try and notate in words.

I’m getting there, I’m getting there.  Slowly do I consume this culture.  And that’s what it feels like, sometimes.  This unceasing desire to have read/seen/heard it all.  This absorption.

I had something else to talk about – I distinctly remember thinking about it before I started Siegfried – and now it’s gone.  Blame Wagner.

You know, though – Rowling (or rather, Galbraith) is somewhat obsessed with the semicolon in this book I’m reading.  Or perhaps I’m just not quite used to it.  Or perhaps I’m having a hard time concentrating these past few days (which is not unlikely).  Proust’s semicolons, which are surely some of the worst to handle, don’t bother me; but the amount of times that I miss one in The Cuckoo’s Calling, or don’t achieve the proper accent on the start of the phrase (thus throwing the rest of it off, and requiring a second read), is astonishing.  Saying that, I’m getting better.  I probably just have to get comfortable with the style.

Oh, and Stoppard’s new radio play is being broadcast on the 26th.  Must try and hear it, even though it’s in England.  But I have my ways.


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August 8, 2013 at 3:03 pm

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