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Lisa Gasteen Returns

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Saw Lisa Gasteen Returns with the Sydney Symphony tonight.  The Wagner lieder were magnificent, but I was falling asleep in Bruckner’s ninth.  Well, not falling asleep.  Nor was I struggling to stay awake.  But I got suddenly quite tired.  I was very awake for the scherzo, though.  (The problem being that being tired can disconnect you from the music, which it kind of did.  I could recognise that the playing/conducting was very good, but not feel it as such.  Ah well, c’est la vie.)  I was really looking forward to seeing Simone Young conduct again, so it was slightly disappointing that I didn’t get the full effect for the Bruckner.

(Thinking of her today – Simone Young, that is – what drive she must have.  Or what ridiculous talent, perhaps.  A combination of both, I suppose.  And not to say that a male conductor wouldn’t have drive either – clearly they would – but considering that Young is the only female conductor I’ve seen in a classical setting…  That must take a bit of determination, yes?)

Missed the connecting train home by five or so seconds tonight, too, and was bitterly disappointed.  I’d resigned myself to the fact that I probably wouldn’t have gotten the train I missed, but then hope sprung as I neared the station, etc, etc…  I don’t know why it disappointed me so, as I wasn’t rushing to get anywhere, and I have my book to read – indeed, the more time I spend on public transport, the more of the book I read, because there’s lots of other distractions (ie, internet) at home.  Then again, I don’t like reading standing up as much as I do sitting down…  Maybe it’s just that I set myself a goal – to get to the train on time – and I failed, and that is why I was annoyed.  Who knows.



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August 7, 2013 at 3:10 pm

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