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Die Guesses

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Second act of Die Walkure (see, spelt it right tonight, except for the umlaut) this evening.

I know Brunnhilde gets immolated at the end of Gotterdamerung (at least I think she does), so I was expecting that her saving Siegmund would be the reason for it, and that Siegmund being saved would lead to a recovery of the ring, or something like that – I really didn’t think all that hard about it.  So it was quite a surprise when Siegmund’s sword was shattered by Wotan and he died.  And I relished in it, in a way.  You only really get to be surprised by an opera once, right?  Brunnhilde getting immolated, by the way, is about the only bit of foreknowledge I have.  And I remember reading or hearing somewhere about Siegfried’s funeral march, which I suppose means that Siegfried died.  (I’m guessing Siegfried is Siegmund and Sieglinde’s son.  Hopefuully, if I’m wrong, I don’t sound too foolish.)

Speaking of the Ring cycle, my thoughts the past couple of days have on occasion been turned towards a four part cycle of plays dealing with one family through generations.  And that’s about as specific as I’ve gotten.  The idea being that if I was going to write the play I’d call it “The Smiths”.  Not “The Jones”, mind you.  Either that, or some somewhat rare and distinctive surname.  The second detail was that I would want the plays structured symphonically – you know, longish and fast paced for the first, slower for the second, ternary structure for the third, and I know not what for the fourth – maybe some type of theme and variations for a rousing climax.  (Though how you do theme and variations in a play is a tad beyond me at the moment.  (“But didn’t they do something like that in Travesties, with the memory constantly being reset?”, I hear you say.  So yes, I know it’s not impossible.)

93/whatever, though I haven’t read anything today.

And I shall reserve Sonnet 4 for the play, I think.  I wrote myself into it needing a sonnet, unfortunately, and quite an important one, so hopefully it shall suffice.


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August 2, 2013 at 3:08 pm

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  1. I didn’t read this but thumbs up for watching the ring. I have only been listening to the music recently. I don’t really have time at the moment for it … But must make time I guess!

    I hope that you are well, and judging the blog it seems you are


    August 4, 2013 at 11:06 am

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