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La Traviata

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Saw La Traviata tonight with Opera Australia.  Brilliant, with minor reservations.  But brilliant nonethelesss.  Affected me much more than the version on the harbour did.  Third opera I’ve seen twice, too – live, that is.  Carmen, La Traviata, and the Pearlfishers.  (I think that’s all of them.)  Took mother along for the ride, and it was her first proper opera experience, if one doesn’t count Carmen on the harbour earlier in the year.  Also the first opera that had a full curtain-down-entire-set-changed moment with the house lights set to dimmed.  I think the last time that happened was in Uncle Vanya at the STC, but this is definitely the first opera.  Confused a few people, it did, who got up and started pushing to the end of the row, thinking the interval had come.)

Man with cane was there.  Rich woman was too.  (On the rich woman front, mother was waiting for me in the foyer while I went to park the car, and, when I rejoined her, I saw and pointed rich woman out to her, to which mother replied, “I saw her while I was waiting, and I was wondering whether that was the woman you told me about”.  (I told her about it, you see.)  I say all this, dear reader, so that you know I’m not exaggerating when I talk about the aura this woman has.)  She sat once again in the front row, but on the right hand side this time, instead of the left.  Man with cane was centre centre, basically, as per usual.

There was a bit of golden paper on the stairs inside, too, that had been cannoned out the night before at the end of the Helpmanns.  Just a lone bit on the ground, like a memory that refuses to leave.

Cleaning staff should be sacked, obviously.


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July 30, 2013 at 3:06 pm

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