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Non-Historic Boudica

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141/whatever in Moonraker.

Boudica is to be told by her soothsayer, right after she gives birth to her son, that she must kill him to ensure the survival of her husband’s nation.  (Her husband is still alive, you see.)  (Perhaps the son has some disfigurement or birthmark.)  (And, apparently, the Celts were of the opinion that to kill someone before a battle – a civilian, for instance – would bring the favour of the gods on the warrior, because you cannot take one life without offering another, or something like that.)  But she doesn’t.  Yet, the fates – or coincidence – mean that the son many years later, now a ‘general’ or ‘commander’ of sorts, is,  not necessarily through negligence on his part, the reason for their downfall.

I wonder if this flies against the actual history.  Let me look on Wikipedia.

Okay, apparently Boudica – or at least her husband – only had two daughters.  Damn it.  Well, I’m sure the daughter can somehow ruin something – give a secret away, etc.

(I was thinking about the crux of the tragedy on my walk tonight, you see.  There’s a bit of Iphigenia at Aulis or what’s-it-called in there, I guess.  Though I still haven’t read that play.  And it’s a situation that has a far bigger span of time in my version, obviously.)


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July 25, 2013 at 4:12 pm

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