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Sonnet 3

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When skin’s forgot and this my mind has creased,
With thoughts from mixéd times that warm blank bed;
When friends have slipped and enemies have ceased,
And solitude is age’s daily bread;
Then will that glimpse of you, when quick you crossed
That boring room, or when my pupils learnt
Your iris-charm, in garden days oft lost
To static hunts (such images are burnt
Onto the brain that snapshot love afflicts);
Then will that private smile I hope was mine
Keep eager my desire that predicts
A last encounter as we’ve worn our time.
If not, no matter – I let loose my care –
For you will be my heav’n, if God is fair.

On second thought, run-on quatrains probably isn’t the best of ideas.  Oh well.

Run-on lines are fine though.  What’s the word?  Enjambment?

Watched the first act of Parisfal tonight, the Met Opera’s latest broadcast of it that I never got around to seeing.  (Indeed, I’ve only seen Das Rheingold via it.)  Perhaps, if I can go to the media screening on an evening (assuming there is one available to me) I might make the effort later in the year.  But I don’t think I could do an opera as a matinee, necessarily.  It seems weird to me, though no doubt this is an illusory and ridiculous prejudice, and one that would be cured by seeing a matinee…

Jonas Kaufmann was the famous person in the production, and I can’t remember anyone else’s name.  Nor the director.

Rather sublime, I thought, though one can understand Mark Twain’s criticism of it: “I was not able to detect in the vocal parts of Parsifal anything that might with confidence be called rhythm or tune or melody… Singing! It does seem the wrong name to apply to it… In Parsifal there is a hermit named Gurnemanz who stands on the stage in one spot and practices by the hour, while first one and then another of the cast endures what he can of it and then retires to die.”  It’s the latter part, about Gurnemanz, that I find amusing/somewhat true.  The singing/rhythm/tune/melody I liked.

If I had watched it two years ago, I would’ve thought it complete trash.  Now, I only have to exercise patience on occasion.  Personal progress, dear reader.  Personal growth.

I shall, hopefully, get around to watching the second act tomorrow.

257/whatever in the lookybooky.



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July 8, 2013 at 5:43 pm

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