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The Audience

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Saw The Audience via NTLive today, at the Dendy Opera Quays.  First time I’d been to the Dendy.  Second time I’ve seen Helen Mirren.  Rather great.  Not a classic, but as close as you can get, methinks.  There was a problem with the tickets, though, as there weren’t any waiting for me.  Which isn’t much of a problem, usually, as I can show the box office person the email (or not even have to bother with that) and they will just issue me two tickets on the spot.  Except this time, as I was waiting for this to happen, people were buying tickets next to me, and it ended up that the show sold out, and so, even though the box office man was perfectly happy to give me tickets, there weren’t any to give me.

(I feel that I’ve slightly ruined this story considering that I’ve already said I ended up seeing the play.)

Mother and father were there (it’s something of a tradition, seeing NTLive with mother, and we’d bought a ticket for father), so needless to say it was a bit of an awkward situation.  Should I, for instance, being the reviewer, take my father’s ticket and send the parents home?  (It took about an hour to get to the Dendy, mind you.)  We ended up getting a refund for father’s ticket, and I was going to reschedule with the publicist, but then, standing at the lift waiting to leave, the box office guy saw me and said he thought he might be able to squeeze us in.  (He had mentioned that there was a possibility, but he hadn’t held out hope.)  Anyway, he did, and we got prime seats in the front row, cranking our necks back at right angles to watch the screen.  (The last time I had to do that was when I saw The Parent Trap, which was quite a while ago, as you can imagine.)

Still.  I’ve never not been able to get tickets because something has sold out before.  And even though I still got them this time…  Well, I also didn’t get them, and if fate hadn’t intervened, I still wouldn’t have got them.

The play itself was marvellous, and is a bit of a milestone, methinks, what with Helen Mirren being in the first NTLive production of Phedre, and now me, what, three years later?, getting to see her again.  Good stuff.

Two things struck me.  In the play, that is.  (There was no stray popcorn or choc top tossed from the back row.)  First, during an interval behind-the-scenes featurette, there was an interview with many of the people involved in the costumes, and one such interview had a woman polishing shoes, and talking about how it was her favourite part of the job, because her father used to need to polish his shoes (he was a military man or something).  My own father scoffed – “she needs to think a bit bigger”.  I, on the other hand, remember thinking that she was lucky.  To be able to do what you love, and all that…

Second: I admired, even envied – yes, I think I envied – the queen’s composure in conversation.  If only I had the nerve, one wonders, to be more reserved.  More outgoing, too.  But reserved.  (And by ‘reserved’ I don’t mean ‘shy’.)  No, it’s not ‘reserved’, it’s ‘dignified’.  Unflappable, perhaps.  Composed and comfortable in the silent moments.

Something like that.

Also, I had an $8.50 chocolate at the Guylian Cafe afterwards.  It was quite the good hot chocolate.  I mention this because it’s the first time I’ve eaten anything at one of the restaurants on the walk down to the Sydney Opera House.  I’ve no idea how many times I’ve walked past them – hundreds of times, no doubt.  But McDonalds is far cheaper if I’m ever feeling peckish.

200/whatever in the bookster.

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July 7, 2013 at 4:59 pm

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