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Hot Shoe Shuffle

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Saw Hot Shoe Shuffle tonight.  Good.

After party: champagne, mini-hamburgers, satay chicken with pawpaw (I think the server said pawpaw) skewer, vegetable spring/rice-paper roll, mushroom arancini, sausage rolls, and mixed sushi (though I didn’t have any of that).  I discovered recently – I can’t remember how; possibly Masterchef – that what I thought were deep-fried crumbed risotto balls with mushroom in them are actually called “mushroom arancini”.  There you go.  You are informed.  Live happy in such knowledge, dear reader.

We waited the requisite half an hour before we left, then, going to the toilet on the way out, I heard from the dress circle foyer (the afterparty was there, at the Lyric Theatre, at Star City) the speeches having started, and so there I was, in the middle of that huge spiral stairwell on the ground floor, listening to speeches being given two floors above.  Interesting.  (“And let me introduce some members of the original cast who are here tonight.”  For instance.)

I was trying to work out where I’d seen one of the actors on stage before, and then I thought I’d worked it out, except I couldn’t be sure if I was recognising the actor properly.  Then, at interval, I saw the actor I was actually thinking of a few rows behind me.  That, too, was interesting.  And good to have my wonderings solved in little time.



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July 6, 2013 at 5:13 pm

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