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The Maids (Again)

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Saw The Maids with the STC again tonight.  Bought my own ticket, don’t you know.  One of two that I’ve bought this year (the other being for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead).  It wasn’t better the second time around, as some things I’ve seen twice have been, but it wasn’t any worse.  I don’t feel like I wasted my money, anyway, and I did enjoy myself.  (I feel that the fact that I’m not simply saying “it was still good” is implying that I didn’t like it, but that’s not the case.)  I was sat right behind the sound desk (or control desk, or whatever they call it), very near the middle, with the two or three seats to the right of me – further to the centre – taken out and replaced by a black cloth that was taped to the back of the sound desk.  At the other end of the cloth were two projectors, a couple of rows behind.

Oh, dear reader.  Oh, oh, oh, dear reader!  Oh, how I wanted to, sitting so close to the projector and being able to see the motes of dust in the air flicker as they floated in front of the beaming light, reach out and nudge a finger or two inbetween the motes.  Just stick a knuckle up there, to see if there’d be a shadow cast on the screen on stage.  Oh, dear reader, I am ashamed to say that there was a bit of willpower needed to stop myself at certain points – willpower that, thankfully, I had.  It’s like the urge one gets to open a car door on the highway.  (Or am I the only one who feels that?)

477/whatever in the book.


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July 3, 2013 at 4:23 pm

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