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Idina Menzel with the Sydney Symphony

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Saw Idina Menzel with the Sydney Symphony tonight.  Rather good.  The average age of the audience, too, would have been about 30, I reckon – many many young people there.  Probably a lot of music theatre students, I’m guessing.

I was remembering during one of her songs – prompted to the memory like Proust’s tea-and-biccy but in audio form – of happy moments from when I was much younger and going to see musicals, when I was much younger and musicals were basically the only theatre I saw, either at the Theatre Royal, the Capitol Theatre, or the Lyric Theatre.  (Most often the Capitol and the Lyric.  Most often the Lyric, methinks.)  And the memories that came back were memories of walking out of the musicals (once they were over, of course) and having this great sense of confidence, of a sort of buzzing contentment with life.  There was a sense of empowerment to it, almost.  And it’s not because I had fallen in love with theatre – because I certainly hadn’t at that point (except for the fact that I liked to see the one or two musicals a year that we saw) – and it’s not that I wanted to be a dancer or singer or actor (which I still don’t)…  I don’t know what it was, really.  Perhaps it was a sense of shared experience with a community, though I think that’s most likely not the case.  Perhaps it was the empathy I had with the characters that gave me a fuller sense for the rest of the night.  Perhaps it was merely the fulfilling feeling of having enjoyed oneself, and that feeling, as it was rare (twice a year or so), was all the more powerful for it.

Whatever the case, I can’t remember the last time I had that buzz.  Certainly within the last four years.  But it’s not a regular thing for me now.

There was also the case that I’d get a bit dressed up to go to the musical.  Actually, I probably wouldn’t have got any more dressed up than I do now, but I was only getting dressed up a few times a year back then, whereas now I do it twenty times a month; now it’s like wearing a suit to work.  (And it’s not like it’s really ‘dressing up’ – the wardrobe would be described as smart casual, methinks.)  Perhaps.that was part of it too, the feeling of being dressed nicely.

(I think all this is a way of suggesting that theatre-going is no longer something that feels special.  Which sounds rather obvious, now that I summarise it like that.)

383/whatever in the book.

Read the word ‘perquisite’ in it tonight, and rightly guessed that it’s the long-form of ‘perk’.  Huh.  You learn something every book, don’t you?


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June 26, 2013 at 5:25 pm

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