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Passive Change?

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I was wondering today whether a political play, to be a good political play (and I have yet to decide if that is an oxymoron), needs to, rather than having a view itself, let the audience project their own views onto it.  (Which is basically what I’ve said before, methinks.)  The new thought being (oh yes, I have new thoughts on occasion – I schedule them twice monthly): if an audience has to project their own views onto the play to extract a ‘point’ being made out of it, does that mean that the play itself can never be more than a passive…thing?  (I can’t think of a better word than ‘thing’.  ‘Entity’, perhaps, but that’s akin to someone writing ‘germane’ instead of ‘relevant’.  (Please shoot me if I ever write ‘germane’ in earnest.))  If it’s the audience who makes their own ‘point’, and the play has nothing to do with it, can a play ever be, to any real extent, a vehicle for changing an opinion?

I could spend another ten paragraphs teasing all that out, but I don’t think it’d get me anywhere.

And it’s not that I’m interested in writing that type of play anyway.  Was The Comedy of Errors meant to change the world?

Did the cryptic crossword in the SMH today.  Answered everything.  One clue was for some city in Laos that I’d never heard of (Vientiane), but I managed to reconstruct it and, checking on the internet, I found I was right.  (That is, I didn’t cheat – I would’ve put that answer in if I had a gun to my head.)  Rather happy with myself.  Only took me twenty minutes or so.  I still got the gift, it seems.

Read a tiny amount about D.H. Lawrence today, and looked at a few of his pictures on the interwebs.  It was quite surprising, seeing his pictures.  There seems to be a very palpable sense of a soul in the man when one looks at the pictures, much more so than with most other writers’ pictures I’ve seen.  Really quite striking.  It’s something about his eyes.

13/588 in American Gods.  I remember reading a bit of it once, and I think some guy having sex got sucked into a woman’s vagina.  (As opposed to a man’s vagina, apparently.)  Haven’t got to that bit yet.


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June 24, 2013 at 4:13 pm

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