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The Non-Excoriation

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I thought tonight that I would make a concerted effort (does anyone ever use the word ‘concerted’ in any other context?) to finish Freedom.  I calculated that, at about a page a minute, I’d finish the last 300 pages I had to read (that is, the last half of the book) in 5 hours.  I had anywhere between 6 and 8 hours for these five hours to be allotted into.  Instead, I watched about six episodes, I’m guessing, of Gilmore Girls.

And now I’m too frazzled to even bother trying to excoriate myself.

(Excoriate is a good word, isn’t it?  I like it.  I also like ‘panjandrum’, which I read in the Proust recently, though I have a sense of deja vu about having seen the word somewhere else before.  It was either in an earlier Proust, or perhaps – and this only occurs to me just now – it was in Parade’s End.  It sounds like a word that would’ve been in Parade’s End.)


(There’s one character in the show, Jess, who likes to read a lot, and he carries his books around with him in his back pants pocket.  (Or jeans pocket, rather.)  Clearly he will never get around to reading War and Peace.  And on that topic, I was wondering the other day how I might go about reading my history of art textbook, for it is the biggest book I own, and will take a while to read.  Will I be able to take it with me to read on a train, for instance?  Well, that’s perfectly okay to do.  But will I be able to take the book in with me to a theatre?  It is such a large book that I have quite serious concerns about whether an usher would permit it to be taken in with me.  And if I can’t take it in, is it possible to cloak a book?)


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June 19, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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