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Tales of Two Cities

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Saw Tales of Two Cities with the Sydney Chamber Choir this afternoon.  Quite good, though I was a tad cold.

It feels – and I realise I say this probably still under the influence of Proust, which is bound to affect my perception of things – that Frazen’s prose (and narrative) style is one of summarising.  It has the feeling of reading a summary when you read it.  It’s like reading a very detailed synopsis.  (Shall I repeat myself again?  No, let’s not.)  This isn’t a criticism, mind you, just an observation.  And I can’t, for the life of me, remember if The Corrections had the same feeling to it.  I can remember certain plot points in The Corrections, but virtually nothing else about it – not the character names, not the type of prose style, nothing.  Well, I remember I greatly enjoyed it.  Yes, I remember that.


I regret not being able to go and see the new King Kong musical that premiered down in Melbourne last night.  (Or was it the night before now?)  I regret it because I wanted to see it, though it may come up to Sydney, perhaps?  (I  never get any type of information about that kind of stuff, until it’s known to everyone.)  But I also regret it because, from the reports I heard (and a little bit of extrapolation), it seems like it may have had the grandest afterparty that I would have gone to, plus other extras too.  Now, I think I’m being honest when I say that I am mainly interested in going to the after party out of curiosity, rather than getting ridiculously drunk and full on free wine and food (even though that could very well have happened – see the Addams Family opening night).  It’s the wanting to know what’s behind the closed doors.  I’ve still yet to go to an opening night of Belvoir, for instance.  All I need is one, and I’d be happy.

Curiosity is a good motivation, right?  A morally upstanding motivation, yes?  Here’s hoping it is.


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June 16, 2013 at 3:08 pm

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