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Mahler Chamber Orchestra Program 2

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Saw the Mahler Chamber Orchestra again tonight, their second program.  Short piece at the start wasn’t as good as last night, concerto was just as good (or maybe ever-so-slightly worse, but who cares when it’s that good), and the symphony was amazing.

I meant to mention last night that I think the end of the Beethoven violin concerto would be a good time to die.  (I’m sure I’ve mentioned something like this before, this thinking it would be a good time to die at the end of a play/piece-of-music/what-have-you.)  There’s a climax at the end of the concerto, though not one at the end of the Dvorak New World symphony tonight – there’s a petering out of brass.  But the question is, members of the reading panel, would I want to die a few seconds after the climax, right after it, or just before it is reached?  The same could be asked of a person who thinks it is a good idea to die at the end of sex.  Indeed, there’s a lot of physical pleasure to be had from music, I find.  Tonight, for instance, I found myself cultivating the shivers and tingles in my body when the music hit certain sections.  Good stuff.

(When I say ‘die’, by the way, I mean instantly, as if someone had flicked the light switch off.)

I was sitting in a slightly different place tonight – one row forward, a few to the right – but, as it turns out, who should be sitting next to me again but the guy who was writing notes with the pacer!  Here’s hoping he didn’t read the blog, otherwise things might have been slightly awkward.  (“What?” I hear you ask.  “Why do you even think he would read this blog?”  Because he might be searching for the gossip on the internet about last night’s concert, and have stumbled across my blog on google, that’s why.  When I search for my reviews on other websites, to see how its search rankings are, I often see my blog turn up too.)

No Vivid tonight, either.  Huzzah!

180/whatever.  He’s just started remembering that Swann is dead.  I don’t even remember him dying.  But surely he did.  I have this vague memory that it was some sort of illness, rather than anything particularly short and dramatic.


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June 11, 2013 at 4:40 pm

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