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This House/The Maids

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Saw This House via NTLive at the Riverside Theatres today.  Quite good, though nothing classic.  Started fifteen minutes late, unfortunately.

Found out this morning that the opening night (and indeed, all nights) of The Maids at the STC start at 7.30pm instead of 8pm.  So, the NTLive fifteen minutes late, the STC half an hour early, and you have a somewhat rushed man.

Saw The Maids tonight at the STC and don’t know whether I think it was brilliant or average.  I think I’m leaning towards brilliant.  I’m considering buying a ticket to see it again later in its run, and I get the feeling that if I do buy a ticket, then I’ll give it a good review – kind of a putting-my-money-where-my-mouth-is, yes?

Traffic on the way in there wasn’t too slow, but quite congested, and once one got near the theatre it was horrendous.  Dad was driving me in tonight, as we were both going, you see.  Except we couldn’t find a spot to park, what with all the spots on the streets being taken up, and both car parks near the theatre being at full capacity.  (I’ve never seen either be at full capacity before.)  It’s all to do with the Vivid Festival, the blasted thing.

The unfortunate consequence of all this (plus the fact that The Maids had a complete lockout) being that Dad dropped me off, I went and got the tickets, and Dad never found a parking spot in time, and so ended up driving home, and when the play was done, I took the train home.  (He said he was only a bit frustrated at the wasted trip, and wasn’t all that disappointed that he didn’t get to see the play, but I still feel terrible about it.)

And so I got to make my one glass of wine stretch out for twenty minutes or half an hour in the foyer while I read my Proust and waited for the speech.  I could’ve had something to eat, but that would’ve been complicated with the book.  (They had something in a Chinese takeaway box that required chopsticks (why they do that, when people will probably have to juggle a drink as well, is beyond me), and some sort of samosa, and most likely one or two things more, but I didn’t see them.)


Lots of purdy people around tonight too.  Sigh.


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June 8, 2013 at 4:31 pm

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